Berlin Wintergarten (Part II)

In the end, Berlin’s WinterGarten collapsed under the carpet of bombs dropped by the Allies during the last year of the war.

[Main gate of the Wintergarten kabarett as viewed during her golden years.]

[Photo: Bundesarchiv.]

Already damaged during the 1943-44 British bombing campaign, the theatre was destroyed on 21 June 1944 during an American raid; that day 606 US heavy bombers dropped their bombs over the German capital. Finally, it took a heavy toll again during the large US attacks of February and March, 1945.

[Photo: Bundesarchiv.]

[Frühling 1945 Luftangriffe: Civilians and German soldiers working on the debris on front of the destroyed building which formerly housed the WinterGarten Variete after the bombing in February/ March, 1945. Original caption dated it on March 21st, so most probably it was 18 March 1945 air-attack aftermath.]

[Photo: Bundesarchiv.]

[Friedrichstraße with Dorotheenstraße corner, with the WinterGarten and Central Hotel completely destroyed just after the war.]

[Photo by Martin Badekow; Getty images.]

[Dorotheenstraße’s Wintergarten damaged facade as seen in 1946.]

[Photo: AKG-images (AKG60909).]

A new-born Wintergarten Varieté-Theater was built at Potsdamer Straße 96, opening in 1992. 

[Today’s view of the new Wintergarten sited at Potsdamer Straße.]

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