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  1. August 1940 (III)

    09 Jul 2019

    Berlin unter Bomben [German police, firemen, and Gestapo members inspecting a burnt out five-story building at Berlin Kreuzberg, the day after the last air-raid made by British RAF bombers. Notice shell-scarred facade.] [Photo: Keystone-France/Gamma-Keystone.] After the attacks made on three previous nights, the British air bombing offensive didn’t stop: on…

  2. August 1940 (II)

    04 Jun 2019

    On Friday 30th August afternoon, Bomber Command men were briefed again to raid Berlin with 29 Wellington bombers from No 3 Group and 8 Hampdens ready to take off to bomb the city that night. Prime targets were again the Siemens factory complex and the Henschel factory in Schönefeld; with…

  3. August 1940

    04 May 2019

    ‘Ten killed in Berlin raid’. ‘Berlin gets a taste of bombs… …British bombers took a toll of ten killed and about thirty wounded in a workers’ section less than two miles from the Government offices in Wilhelmstraße. All the casualties were civilians. Preliminary reports gave no word of death or

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