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  1. Death of the Kabarett Wintergarten

    2024-05-18 11:18:00 UTC

    Step into the roaring twenties and experience the vibrant nightlife of Berlin’s Central Hotel and Wintergarten The Wintergarten (Friedrichstraße Nr 143-149) was one of Berlin’s best-known variety theatres located in the heart of the city, a popular destination for locals and tourists alike.  Owned by Hermann Gebers, this…

  2. Steglitz • The Titania-Palast

    2019-12-29 18:57:49 UTC

    Located at Gutsmuthsstraße 27/28 ecke Schloßstraße 4/5, the Titania-Palast is a cinema-theatre and concerts hall built in the south-western Berlin suburb of Steglitz during the 1920s decade. It was one of the icons of this area, a place of reference to culture life in the German capital The Titania-Palast cinema-theatre…

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