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  1. Zerstörung am Haus der Schweiz

    09 Dec 2018

    Here we can see the destroyed roof of the “Haus der Schweiz” and adjacent building at Unter den Linden 22/23 Ecke Friedrichstraße 155 on these two images taken from a video film. This original film-footage filmed on 10 April 1941 recorded the damage taken from the previous night raid by…

  2. The Swiss House

    30 Oct 2017

    In the corner where Unter den Linden meets Friedrichstraße, there is a house with more than 85 years of history in Berlin. Today, this building stands as one of the original places of the city and a survivor of the Allied bombing campaign and the Luftangriffe of the Second World…

  3. Berlin Wintergarten (Part II)

    25 May 2017

    In the end, Berlin’s WinterGarten collapsed under the carpet of bombs dropped by the Allies during the last year of the war [Main gate of the Wintergarten kabarett as viewed during her golden years.] [Photo: Bundesarchiv.] Already damaged during the 1943-44 British bombing campaign, the theatre was destroyed on 21

  4. Berlin Wintergarten (Part I)

    24 May 2017

    The Berlin Wintergarten theatre was a large variety theatre (“Varieté-Bühne”) placed in Friedrichstraße Ecke Dorotheenstraße [German soldiers outside of the WinterGarten theatre on Dorotheenstraße 16 in Berlin, 1941.] [Photo: Bundesarchiv.] Owned by Hermann Gebers, it opened in 1887 as a recreational center of the Berlin Central Hotel, but also…

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