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  1. Zerstörung am Haus der Schweiz

    2018-12-09 18:23:37 UTC

    Here we can see the destroyed roof of the “Haus der Schweiz” and adjacent building at Unter den Linden 22/23 Ecke Friedrichstraße 155 on these two images taken from a video film. This original film-footage filmed on 10 April 1941 recorded the damage taken from the previous night raid by…

  2. The Swiss House

    2017-10-30 23:21:17 UTC

    In the corner where Unter den Linden meets Friedrichstraße, there is a house with more than 85 years of history in Berlin. Today, this building stands as one of the original places of the city and a survivor of the Allied bombing campaign and the Luftangriffe of the Second World…

  3. Berlin Wintergarten (Part II)

    2017-05-25 10:02:26 UTC

    In the end, Berlin’s WinterGarten collapsed under the carpet of bombs dropped by the Allies during the last year of the war [Main gate of the Wintergarten kabarett as viewed during her golden years.] [Photo: Bundesarchiv.] Already damaged during the 1943-44 British bombing campaign, the theatre was destroyed on 21

  4. Berlin Wintergarten (Part I)

    2017-05-24 11:19:34 UTC

    The Berlin Wintergarten theatre was a large variety theatre (“Varieté-Bühne”) placed in Friedrichstraße Ecke Dorotheenstraße [German soldiers outside of the WinterGarten theatre on Dorotheenstraße 16 in Berlin, 1941.] [Photo: Bundesarchiv.] Owned by Hermann Gebers, it opened in 1887 as a recreational center of the Berlin Central Hotel, but also…

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