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  1. Bombing raid on Berlin

    02 May 2021

    ‘Aircraft drawn from two R.A.F. squadrons made a special attack on an objective only four miles from the centre of Berlin early yesterday morning’. – Daily Herald, Friday, August, 30, 1940 – Photo: © IWM CH 10246. As we have seen on previous posts, the first bombing on Berlin made…

  2. 31 August 1940 raid

    04 Jun 2019

    On Friday 30th August afternoon, Bomber Command men were briefed again to raid Berlin The British force comprised 41 twin-engined aircraft ready to take off from eastern England to bomb the city that night. Prime targets were again the Siemens factory complex at the northwestern part of the ‘Big City’…

  3. “Back from Berlin”

    02 May 2019

    ‘The sporadic raiding of London towards the end of August was promptly answered by us in a retaliatory attack on Berlin. The War Cabinet were much in the mood to hit back, to raise the stakes, and to defy the enemy. I was sure they were right…’ (Winston S Churchill) …

  4. The Offensive starts

    31 May 2017

    During the Battle of Britain in the Summer of 1940, Germany bombed British Royal Air Force (RAF) bases and their personnel in order to annihilate Britain’s air defences. Suddenly, on the night of August 24th, some Luftwaffe bombers drop, probably by mistake, some bombs over the City of London. This…

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